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Topic: Mac Pro Quad

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    Mac Pro Quad

    Recently I've been using the new Mac Pro Quad 2GHz machine.
    It's a beauty with a few bugs,.. but I hope those will be resolved in the next months.

    I have a few questions, and perhaps someone has some awnsers for me.

    1) How is /stays the performance of the Mac Pro when you use large quantaties of samples. iow. Is it possible to replace my Gigamachines by loading all samples in the EXS24mkII? I'm currently loading 250 Tracks.
    (total amount about 5 GB's).
    2) Does someone has any data about the perfomance / loading time when you load such large quantaties of samples?
    3) I am planning on buying the m-audio Pro-Fire Lightbridge. (36 channels)
    I heard there where some problems with OSX 10.4.7 and OSX 10.4.8),.. can someone confirm this? Or perhaps has some benchmark results?

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    Re: Mac Pro Quad

    I'm asking the same question, but I use less tracks.
    I was wondering about the UB prob on quads (for an example it's impossible to use spectrasonic's atmosphere or trilogy on macintels)

    I'm wondering If a quad could replace many linked machines.

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