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Topic: Multipositional Reverb

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    Multipositional Reverb

    Help! I have had poor luck using Altiverb with Cubase SX1, so I am considering using my Voxengo Impulse Reverb or the free impulse reverb engine (can't remember the name). Can I do multiplositional Reverb with those (Want to create the effect of orchestra instruments have different depth positioning as well as stereo positioning, just like the ears would hear in a real audience. I' told Altiverb can do this, but Cubase keep crashing when it is installed on my system, even if not using Altiverb at the time.

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    Re: Multipositional Reverb

    Cubase SX1 is a dinosaur program. Update to SX3 (or 4 when it is released) and you should have no problems. I am using AV in Nuendo 3 and have had zero problems.


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