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Topic: Mabon Ritual

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    Mabon Ritual

    This piece was the score for a short video on the pagan holiday of Mabon, which corresponds somewhat with Thanksgiving.

    The URL is hosted by RapidShare. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Free".

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    Re: Mabon Ritual

    Beautifully quiet. Nice rendering. I know nothing about the ritual, but if it is about thanks giving, I feel the quiet solitude of thankfullness in this piece. Nice lines and movement. Very pastoral in effects. Transitions are strong because they do not get in the way of the musical journey. Nice piece of music.

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    Re: Mabon Ritual

    Gosh, I'll be darned if I could get this to download,
    David. The timer would run out and then... nada.
    Sorry -- would like to hear it!

    My best,


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    Re: Mabon Ritual

    what an amazing talent!
    I sure hope you understand where it comes from


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    Re: Mabon Ritual


    Bravo Maestro Maddux!

    Just beautiful! We don't often hear this side of you. There are just moments that make one melt.

    Thanks for posting this.


    PS David: I had trouble also downloading. If you don't mind I would be happy to host this or provide another alternative for people having trouble downloading.

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    Re: Mabon Ritual

    *bump* itty bump bump

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    Re: Mabon Ritual

    Oh boy... rapidshare... :P

    Well as I wait for the timer to end, and to download the track I'm typing my prologue to this post

    Well about the ritual now:

    Lovely start, (the solo violin is a tad loud :-/)
    I love the usage of the solo woods and the glock in the back. Indeed it is a very carefully done production. Very fantastic ideas and melodies put together. It does bring in mind a little bit of Disney, for no good reason really (as I often say sometimes I get to be very influenced by something, without knowing it... and I cannot take blame for any pastiche...). Don't know if anyone agrees with me, but certainly I mean it with the nicest of ways and as a complimaint.

    Any chance of seeing the short? It would be even greater treat.

    Thanks for sharing

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    Re: Mabon Ritual

    Finally got this to download!


    Absolutely gorgeous work, David... and the
    rendering on it is excellent.

    There's a deeply moving lyricism throughout
    this piece that cannot fail to touch the heart.



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    Re: Mabon Ritual

    Thanks for the comments, one and all.

    I failed to mention that this is obviously all-GPO, scored and produced entirely in Finale 2007. I was able to sync to video the entire time, using Fin07's new video capabilities. Worked like a charm.

    Believe me, I loathe RapidShare. And Yahoo/Geocities is notorious for providing spotty file sharing, at best. I would so appreciate hearing thoughts on what services you all use, and what you think of them.

    David M.

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    Re: Mabon Ritual

    Hi David,

    Sadly I have not yet heard your piece, but I am trying!

    Here's a thought - and I know it might sound a bit extreme - but why not just get a domain name and host it at one of the inexpensive hosting services. Even if you don't want a web site it is a great way to pop stuff up on the web for others to get.

    In the past I've been musical director for a teen folk group and assistant band director at the local high school, and I put all the stuff I want to give to the kids on my web site in hidden directories that only they know about.

    It really is easy, the only thing you need on your computer is an FTP client, and even the windows client will work, though there are easier/nicer ones out there.

    I know it isn't free, but when I post stuff I don't have to worry that my friends who are downloading it are being pestered for personal information or downloading programs or any of the other hassles.

    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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