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Topic: Anyone familiar with "Sounddogs" sound effects?

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    Anyone familiar with "Sounddogs" sound effects?

    They seem to have a large collection of sound effects, many of which are quite good.
    Packaged CD's as well as individual downloads.

    I'm wondering about their licensing fees though. I'm under the impression that buying the CD or individual sound is only to be used as a place holder, The final sound effect would incur additional licensing/Royalty fees if used in production.
    ...seems complicated.

    Has anyone here used sounds from this company?
    Any feedback would be appreciated.

    I've emailed them regarding this, but haven't received a response yet.


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    Re: Anyone familiar with "Sounddogs" sound effects?

    These are the guidlines for their sfx:

    General Guidelines:
    1. Purchasing sounds from Sounddogs.com includes a license to synchronize the music
    as many times as you like, and to present and market your multimedia production
    with no additional cost. This license is for a single workstation, and may not be
    shared, on a computer network, for example.
    2. If you are using the sounds in synchronization, you are using sounds from
    Sounddogs.com legally. ‘Synchronization’ is defined as playing the sound in
    conjunction with video, animation, other audio, or even movement (such as a
    dramatic theatre performance).
    3. The sounds must NOT be stored separately from the rest of the media. This is
    predominantly a concern in multimedia uses. For example, if you are creating a video
    game, the sounds must be integrated with the code and NOT stored separately as files.
    The sounds must be combined with the other media and NOT able to be removed
    from it and subsequently distributed.
    4. You may NOT distribute the sound on its own or in part, even for free.

    I've used some sfx (not a lot) and theyr'e great and well made.

    I don't think that there is an issue about licensing or anything.

    The above passage I got from a pdf sent to me everytime I buy (through the net), called copyright helper. So it should be ok...

    If you want give me your e-mail and I'll send you the whole thing. No real deal.

    The other way to deal with it is to buy 1 sound you want for testing. Find a cheap sound (2$) buy it and check for yourself...

    But I'm ok with the guys and the supprot is great (as they've got people on AIM and MSN all the time (USA time) to deal with issues...)

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    Re: Anyone familiar with "Sounddogs" sound effects?

    I'm no lawyer, but I have hired one from time to time. I find the SoundDogs use policies to be reasonably straightforward and fair - I wonder if that means it's time to hire that attorney?

    They host their own library, and several of the standard commercial libraries as well. Their selection is pretty amazing!

    The quality of their own stuff if first rate, at least the things I've bought have been.

    Their search tool is pretty good, but I don't really like auditioning mp3s, as they are all over the map in quality. I don't actually have a solution to the problem, just whining!

    I have about 80 CDs worth of commercial libraries, another 8 (I think) of my own stuff, and a bunch of synthesizers, so I seldom feel the need to go to an outside source for stuff anymore, and when I do I usually end up buying a new library<G>!

    However, when I am stuck, SoundDogs and FindSounds is my first stop on the web! As already mentioned, their sounds are high quality, their support is above average, and their prices are fair. And I haven't had a problem with their licensing.

    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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    Re: Anyone familiar with "Sounddogs" sound effects?

    Thanks for the info, Nicolas ,Bill.

    Nicolas, It would have been great had I received the kind of information from Sounddogs that you provided me.

    Could have alleviated much concern.
    Thanks for that.

    Good advice to buy a sound and check out their actual policy.


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