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Topic: Weird ReWire issue with Giga3 + Sonar 5

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    Question Weird ReWire issue with Giga3 + Sonar 5

    I’m seeing some strange behavior in ReWire mode, using Sonar 5. All the channels in Giga’s Port 1 function normally. However, instruments loaded in the second port only function *almost* normally… I can play sounds from my keyboard, and they respond to continuous controllers like breath and pedal. However, Sonar’s volume fader and pan controls don’t affect the Giga 2nd ports... every instrument is locked at volume 90 and panned dead center. The weird thing is that if I set up volume and pan fades and then play them back, it works fine… it’s just changes that I make in Sonar’s Track View or Console View that don’t have any affect.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Weird ReWire issue with Giga3 + Sonar 5

    Hello JWINK,

    i guess youre running gs3 as a rewire slave to sonar. First of all be shure that the configuration is ok, GS has to have 2 Rewire Midi Ports. I would try first (worked for me) to disable external hardware in GS startup.

    Then start sonar and GS as a rewire slave. Use the midi monitor of GS to watch the incoming midi data. You see the port and the midi information coming in on this port. So, if you fiddle around with the volume faders in Sonar, send them out on rewire2 and there's visible controller 7(=volume) activity on Port 2 there's a problem in GS. If not you have to check the sonar settings (Port, filters...)

    The "volume 90" issue was just discussed in this forum, i dont remember exactly where.

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