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Topic: A new piece - your feedback requested

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    A new piece - your feedback requested

    Dear All,

    I submitted this piece recently for a competition to score a natural history clip (if you are in the UK, you might know of the competition). However (at least for me...!) the competition is now over, so I am free to post it.

    I would greatly and sincerely value your feedback - http://www.zenadsl2754.zen.co.uk/mp3...al_History.mp3.

    It accompanies natural history footage of various wildlife, which shifts pace quite a bit.

    Kind Regards,


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    Re: A new piece - your feedback requested

    Hi, Nick,

    It is too bad that you can't post it with the video.

    The beginning seems pretty busy so I am trying to imagine what was going on visually. There was a nice cadence to a minor chord about 30 seconds in and then at it thinned out at about 1 minute and I could started picturing images of wildlife, birds on a beach that kind of thing (sorry the way quicktime comes up on Firefox, it does not give me a time read out).

    The music was well written and orchestrated.

    Overall it was pleasant to listen to but nothing new or groundbreaking.

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    Re: A new piece - your feedback requested

    FYI, I have included a quicktime in M4V format with the video as well at http://www.zenadsl2754.zen.co.uk/mp3/Galapagos.m4v (iPod sized). It is around 19MB, so may take a little while to download.

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