With the Galapagos competition now over, and me not being one of the shortlist, I think I'm OK to post my entry. So here it is (sorry you have to download it, I don't have any space from which to stream it, but it's only about 3 MB):-


I didn't really expect this to get very far. I heard about the competition at the last minute, and ended up having to write it whilst supervising my two daughters in a paddling pool. I had to use a laptop, putting in every note and dynamic with the mousepad, and it was the first time I'd used Cubasis or GPO. So all in all it was quite a frustrating excercise, and I ended up going with quite a minimal approach.

Sounds used:-
Post Prepared Piano
VSL Glasses
Symphony of Voices
Homemade bowed cymbals
Dorumalaia Temple Blocks