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Topic: multiple MIDI controllers interaction problem?

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    multiple MIDI controllers interaction problem?

    Is it possible to hook up 3 different MIDI controllers, each having features that others don't, but control them (well, two at a time) simultaneously and be able to record realtime performances utilizing data transmitted by more than one controller at a time (choosing omni MIDI incoming in a DAW sequencer)?

    For example, let's say I have a breath controller plugged into a CME UF7, and a ribbon controller plugged into a Kurzweil PC1X, and a Novation Remote 25 SL that has a X/Y pad--all of these features are unique to each controller. Now I play a passage, modulating the X/Y pad on the Remote SL, breath-controlling the UF7, and then use the ribbon on the Kurzweil--all in one performance. Will I be able to capture all that by simply setting the incoming MIDI channel to omni?

    All my stuff are in storage, and I only have one controller at where I live right now, so I can't try this theory out. Anyone can confirm if this will work or not?

    On a related note--is it possible to do this:

    Let's say I'm playing on the Kurzweil PC1X, using one of the presets on that board. What if I blow into the breath controller of the UF7 while the two boards are connected? Will I be able to breath control the Kurzweil from the UF7's breath controller?

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    Re: multiple MIDI controllers interaction problem?

    In theory, yes. However it may well depend on whether the drivers for your devices play nicely with each other.

    I'm currently using 2 keyboards; one for note entry and the other for controller information, with no problems. However, both are connected via MIDI interface so neither have drivers to contend with. I'm waiting for a CME UF5 to turn up so I can check that out for you as well.


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    Re: multiple MIDI controllers interaction problem?


    I guess I'd also have to work out how I'd hook them up together too (MIDI or USB, MID in/out/through)? This will take some trial and error...

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    Re: multiple MIDI controllers interaction problem?

    I have a Kurzweil MIDIBoard passing data through an Expressionmate (ribbon and breath controllers) into the MIDI input of my interface - a TASCAM FW-1884 - that is also capable of generating its own MIDI data internally from the control surface (use it all the time to control soft synths).

    I don't even think about it any more - I usually just turn to the device and dive in without a second thought. If you line it up correctly so that all of the data passes through to the input of your MIDI interface, you should be golden.
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