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Topic: Barrel Organ samples?

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    Barrel Organ samples?

    Hi, does anybody knows if there's any barrel organ library available? (or if it's included in any library).



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    Re: Barrel Organ samples?

    Thank you, Lee,

    Yes it does refer to the mechanism, but again, it's a typical "toy" organ in Germany...apparently

    I'll probably end up trying to imitate it with the organ libraries, though I'm not precisely and organ and partials expert...that's why I was wondering if there was something already available...

    Thks anyway,


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    Re: Barrel Organ samples?

    Thank you again, I hadn't thought about the DX7...you mean Fm synthesis, right?

    I emailed Michiel a few days back, since I have his organ samples, but I'm still waiting for an answer, thks anyway for the tip



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