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Topic: Giga Sonar Fireface

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    Giga Sonar Fireface

    Hey all - I Posted this over in the Sonar forum, just wanted to see if anyone here had any advice/similar troubles...

    I've finally got my RME Fireface 800 "running" with Sonar 5.2 PE and Gigastudio 3, using a standard 1394a (regular FW) PCI card...
    All buffers are set to 256, ASIO drivers (seem to play nicer than WDM for me) and I have a Audiophile 2496 card installed taking SPIDF sync from the Fireface.

    THE PROBLEM: Audio playback is "clean" (no pops, clicks or distortion) but plays back choppy, with MIDI stopping and stuttering along the way and playing out of time. You can actually see the position bar slowing down, speeding up and stopping on the timeline.

    So my question is, could this be an issue with my firewire card/cable or perhaps a sync setting I have off? There is absolutely NO problem when I use the Audiophile 2496 to do the same tasks, so it's not a processor issue - I've experimented with various buffers/settings to no avail, any help/thoughts would be awesome!

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    Re: Giga Sonar Fireface

    I've got it's little brother, the Fireface 400 and the only problem I ran into turned out to be coming from elsewhere... installing the FF400 just happened to be the last straw that broke the camel's back. Turned out the culprit was a midi driver utility I inadvertently installed when reflashing my Asus P4P800 motherboard once upon a time. The utility installed a driver which was creating new permanent virtual midi ports whenever I tried out new portable usb or fw audio interfaces or did software updates to old ones. I just didn't notice that I had dozens of inactive midi ports till I added the FF400. I think 32 or so may be the limit. Cure was to uninstall all audio devices, uninstall the midi utility, delete all the left over audio/midi ports in the device manager, then reinstall audio devices and drivers. Hope that helps.


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    Re: Giga Sonar Fireface

    Thanks Howard!

    That sounds like a good next step - I've already tried disabling the Audiophile which helped a bit, but not entirely - still getting dropped MIDI notes, cut off notes, etc.

    I do have a virtual MIDI port running w/16 channels (Loopbe), perhaps it's not playing nice with the fireface (which would be a shame because I need it to run the Performance Tool and any other virtual MIDI i've tried has not worked at ALL with Giga)....

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