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Topic: Peter Gabriel...remixed

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    Peter Gabriel...remixed

    Hi there.
    Here's a link to Peter Gabriel's Realworld site, where you can listen to a song I rearranged and remixed (P.Gabriel's "Shock the monkey"), using Gpo for the strings parts.
    I hope you'll like it (if so, don't forget to give a comment or vote for me).

    Check out the whole site...it's amazing. You can dowload original separate tracks of recordings from the label. That's really interesting.




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    Re: Peter Gabriel...remixed

    I've long been something of a Peter Gabriel fan (no kidding); great
    to hear the GPO in this context, Yannick!

    Very fine work on the mix.


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    Re: Peter Gabriel...remixed

    Hi Yann
    This was very nice! I think that I may actually like your rendition of the song better than the original. I too have been a Peter Gabriel fan for a while. Great work and good luck!
    Take Care,

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    Re: Peter Gabriel...remixed

    Thanks for your comments.
    I too had the chance to listen to your work- which is great !
    Good luck for all your musical projects.


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