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Topic: Journey to Dracula's Castle

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    Journey to Dracula's Castle

    I haven't posted in a while, so here goes...

    I've been busy writing a commission for a children's theatre version of "A Christmas Carol" the past couple of weeks. About 25 minutes worth when it's all over. Phew! But in the meantime, I thought I would take some time off and start on the next project I have coming up after this one....I know, I know, I should be working on X-mas Carol, but I just couldn't muster up the strength or the creative flow today for that one. So I thought I should focus my energy elsewhere.

    The next piece I"ll be working on is a play based on the story of Dracula that will be performed at the Fringe Festival in Scotland next Spring. With that in mind, I just basically wanted to get a couple of sketches/ideas together to create the overall soundscape of the piece, or the start of one anyway. It's a really good way to get ideas/motives you normally wouldn't get writing a single work. Sort of like writing the overture first, which you would never do normally.

    I would love some feedback on this one. I haven't quite figured out how to be evil just yet. Maybe you have some ideas about that. It sounds completely cinematic...but that's just me really. I can't help it. hehe

    I will preface this by saying that there was no intention for the beginning to sound like Holst, but alas the instrumentation and interval makes it sound that way. I think you'll soon find it's no where near Holst when it's said and done. It kind of just ends, but I'll be writing more in the next day or so. Would still like some suggestions though.

    This sketch is what I envision, sort of, for the approach to Dracula's castle, aply named, "Journey to Dracula's Castle."


    Thanks for listening!


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    Re: Journey to Dracula's Castle

    Excellent start on this, with a strongly compelling
    opening, superb orchestration, and first-rate writing

    Take this forward, man!

    As for the "evil" part... well, Chris, gosh, Dracula
    wasn't all that bad, now, was he?


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    Re: Journey to Dracula's Castle

    I think that you've got a great start so far! It definately feels like it goes along with a "Dracula" story. Please continue on the path and share! As far as the "evil" part goes, I'm not sure that you need to do anything differently. There's a romantic element to the Dracula story (if I'm remembering correctly and not confusing it with another...) that lends itself to what you've already written. Great so far.
    Take Care,

    p.s. - I guess that if you really want suggestions for the "evil" part...maybe try chimes or bells with some pizz. in the basses...I think that this combo can be creepy and/or evil... just a thought.

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    Re: Journey to Dracula's Castle

    Huh? TOO SHORT!!!

    Hehe, keep on with it, it's great.

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Journey to Dracula's Castle

    First, great writing. Second, you hit the nail on head. I visualised a huge castle on stormy night. Please do more with this. Everybody gets into the Dracula story.
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    Re: Journey to Dracula's Castle


    Great writing, the idea, mood, feeling of dread and pending doom is all there. The orchestration is exactly right to put the color to the musical sketch.



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