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Topic: KHSO Emerald Demo

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    KHSO Emerald Demo

    Hey, check out my contribution to the KHSO Emerald Demo contest!

    "The plot Thickens"

    hope you like it!

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    Re: KHSO Emerald Demo

    Congratulations, it's beautiful!
    Amazing, how realistic it sounds.

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    Re: KHSO Emerald Demo

    It's great!

    Well done!

    Very realistic and a very worthy composition and orchestration.

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    Re: KHSO Emerald Demo

    Playful yet Mysterious

    An apt title to a nice piece. Thanks for sharing
    JP Garbarini

    "A man who is paid to do what he enjoys never works a day in his life." -- Chinese Proverb

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    Re: KHSO Emerald Demo

    hey thanx.!
    id love to get some compositional critique, if any one feels up to it?
    I have only been writing orchestral stuff for about 2 years, so i feel theres alot i can improve on.

    But thanx, its good to get some feedback!

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    Re: KHSO Emerald Demo

    I like this piece a whole lot!

    Compositionally, I wouldn't change anything.

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    Re: KHSO Emerald Demo

    it's not really my kind of music but I can't see any significant flaws with the structure and certainly the orchestration is very interesting. Above all though, the rendering is excellent and the piece certainly deserves its place among the demos

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    Re: KHSO Emerald Demo

    Pzy Clone,
    Could you please tell me if this was done on GS or K2?
    Just curious.


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    Re: KHSO Emerald Demo

    And there are no interval samples and performance techniques in there.
    I prefer doing everything manually, with overlaps and velocety.

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    Re: KHSO Emerald Demo

    Nicely done!

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