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Topic: How important is SATA II?

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    How important is SATA II?

    I'm building a DAW that I'm hoping will last me a few years, adding hard drives and memory as I go. I have the option to buy this mother board http://www.intel.com/products/mother...65ry/index.htm
    for fairly cheap, but I'm wondering if it is significant advantage to have SATA II ports (which this mobo doesn't have). I probably will only be using 7200 RPM hard drives for the price and relative coolness, so would them being SATA II make much difference?

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    Re: How important is SATA II?

    This board supports the new SATA 3GB transfers that many folks call SATA II. This will be compatible with the newer 3 GB drives.

    See the following info below:

    Dispelling the Confusion: SATA II does not mean 3Gb/s
    The term SATA II has grown in popularity as the moniker for the SATA 3Gb/s data transfer rate, causing great confusion with customers because, quite simply, it’s a misnomer.

    The first step toward a better understanding of SATA is to know that SATA II is not the brand name for SATA’s 3Gb/s data transfer rate, but the name of the organization formed to author the SATA specifications. The group has since changed names, to the Serial ATA International Organization, or SATA-IO.

    The 3Gb/s capability is just one of many defined by the former SATA II committee, but because it is among the most prominent features, 3Gb/s has become synonymous with SATA II. Hence, the source of the confusion.

    For an accurate description of Serial ATA capabilities and the official guideline to SATA product naming, please see the details below.

    Hopefully this helps,


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