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Topic: Important notice for SIPS users

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    Important notice for SIPS users

    Nickie Fønshauge found a bug in Kontakt: for scripts loaded in the first script slot the code which handles note release is not always run. For scripts such as SIPS which in some situations depend on delaying the release of a note this can cause problems. This manifested itself with frequent stuck notes when the SIPS Legato Script V110 was loaded in the first script slot on instruments with looped samples. On instruments without looped samples the effects are not as clear but I believe the voice count can be higher than normal and it's not certain whether the transition sound is affected.

    Please only load the SIPS scripts in script slot 2-5 not to be affected by this Kontakt bug.

    Btw. If you happen to think that this Kontakt 2 bug is serious enough to warrant a fix, why not speak up in this thread on the NI Forum.


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    Re: Important notice for SIPS users

    .....can I kiss you?!??!

    You just saved me so much anguish you have no idea. I've been struggling with that stuck-notes nonsense for ages and never thought to switch the slots!

    THANK YOU!!!!

    EDIT: Hmm...... the problem still seems to occur when I have more than one SIPS-based instrument playing at the same time. I have an unlooped horn and a looped oboe playing, and when I stop in the middle of a note (that's what always causes the stuck notes), sometimes they stop normally and sometimes one or the other gets stuck, usually the horn... And even if I try something silly like putting each SIPS on a different slot for each instrument (hn SIPS on 2, ob SIPS on 3), same problem.

    But oh well, at least it seems to stop the problem when there's only one playing.
    Wilbert Roget, II

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    Re: Important notice for SIPS users

    Thanks for the tip and bringing this up, kotori and Nickie.

    Will R.- I'm of no help on this one but I hope you'll post this on the NI forum as well.


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    Re: Important notice for SIPS users

    Hi Will,
    Since there were so many factors working together it was really hard to track this bug down (many thanks to Nickie who provided the last and important key to solve the mystery). Basically the bug is only manifested clearly when all of the following are true:
    • The instrument uses looped samples.
    • The release mode is set to "Knob setting".
    • The crossfading time (the XTime setting) is high enough to make it probable for the prior note to be released during the crossfading.
    • The script is loaded in the first slot.
    I'm still not sure I understand why V105 of SIPS was not affected (or maybe it was, only in a more subtle way), but I'll discuss this with Big Bob.

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