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Topic: "Sad"

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    I don't believe I ever posted this for review, but this is an older song of mine that I'm really proud of:

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    Re: "Sad"

    Daniel, I've tried several times to listen; but for some
    reason the song isn't playing. The player opens but...
    it doesn't appear to load the file...? I tried both the
    Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi, a number of times, but no luck.

    My best,


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    Re: "Sad"

    Great work, Daniel!

    A sad song indeed.. but with a beautiful melody.

    I might suggest a small intro ?... Just a thought.

    Very, very nice work !

    ...Listened several times.


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    Re: "Sad"

    Lovely, if sad, melodic work in this, Daniel.

    A simple, beautiful work that comes straight from
    the heart... a pleasure; thank you for it, Daniel.

    My best,


    I was able to get the regular link to work this

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    Re: "Sad"

    Perhaps it is strange, but I cannot hear any music as really being "sad" ... beautiful melody you have here, I enjoyed this piece very much! A small intro might be nice, as well as perhaps some woodwind dynamics, though of course many of my pieces could use more dynamics as well. Wonderful work!
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    Re: "Sad"

    I imagined someone from past times having to leave the people they loved and the sadness they would feel knowing they may never see them again. In this context the music could be considered sad.

    I hope the pleasure the listener receives from your very nice work will heal any pain while creating it.


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