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Topic: nuendo goes off sync with video

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    Unhappy nuendo goes off sync with video

    Hi Guys

    I have a Pc with 2gb Ram, Nvidia Graphics Card,Amd Processor 2.? Ghz,
    120 gb Harddisk. MOtu 828 mrk 2
    and lot of vst plugins

    when i import a video file (size 166mb) mov file it syncs but
    starts playing with glitches and when i import mpeg file it goes offsync. I tried all the options. changed the settings in the video options according to the file type still i was not able to crack it.

    my other friend works on a lower hand set up with 1 gb ram etc but still he can play the mpeg properly that to a big file of 600 mb

    can somebody help me out on this

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    Re: nuendo goes off sync with video

    What are you using for playback engine? Is it QuickTime? If so, then please realise that QuickTime is absolute cr*p on PC and can't play back worth a damn. You need to use QuickTime Alternative (Google for it) which allows you to play back QT files through Direct show. Actually if you want to do it properly you would be better off using a different format of video altogether.


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