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Topic: War sound fx cds?

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    War sound fx cds?

    I'm looking some high quality sound fx samples. I only need some helicopter, jet, and other "war-vehicles" and tons of machine guns, rockets and exposions. Are there any these kinds of specified sound fx cds available. What do you recommend?

    Thank you so much!
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    Re: War sound fx cds?

    There's a good one called Dynamic Range which I believe has a lot of guns and explosions and stuff. Sounds Online also have GUNS or something. There are a bit in Series 6000 library too but not as punchy as the other two.

    Helecopters and stuff there's Series 6000, The SfX Kit ha some engine loops and stuff. The problem with engine sounds on most sample CDs is they're passby's made for film. It's probably better to create those sorts of things by hand. You can record a tractor or bus or a commercial mini-truck for good tank engine sounds layered with the track noises underneath - I'd make those a separate loop.
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    Re: War sound fx cds?

    BBC, Hollywood Edge
    The Dimensity Project at

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    Re: War sound fx cds?

    All of the major libraries have war sounds... Sound Ideas has one collection that is nothing but guns, and another that is all explosions. I've used another one that was mostly helocopters, but for the life of me I can't remember who created it.

    I tend to use the BBC library for that sort of thing, but there is some very cool stuff from both Hollywood Edge and Sound Ideas as well. If you are looking for a very specific feel, like from an old movie, check out the various studio collections.

    I tend to buy libraries when I have a need for some specific part of one because I love playing with sound, but the alternative, buying individual samples from someone like SoundDogs or FindSounds is pretty cool.

    Sound Ideas is my main source for libraries, their prices are fair and I have always been treated well. However, pretty much anyone that specializes in these libraries can probably help you out.

    I'm guessing you are looking for modern, but there is a library of the sound effects used for WW2 news reels that is really cool!
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