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Topic: seeking advice on configuring a new DAW

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    seeking advice on configuring a new DAW

    Hello, I have just completed assembling a new PC with Windows XP w/sp2.
    I have concerns about optimizing my system as far as fan speed (performance versus quiet) and what to expect as normal CPU and motherboard temperatures. I have installed a ASUS P5WD2 Premium motherboard with an Intel Pentium D 940, 3.2 Ghz. CPU., with an
    Antec True Power 2.0 power supply in an Antec case with 3 fans.
    Anyone interested in helping me set this up? Thanks, John

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    Re: seeking advice on configuring a new DAW

    I would recommend getting a silent CPU cooler such as a Zalman CPU fan. They have extra heat sink fins to get the heat off the processor which allows their fans to run at a much slower speed.

    Also, extra case fans can interfere with the CPU cooling fan by actually pushing the heat back in the CPU heat sink. This will raise the temperature of your CPU. I had one case that the CPU ran 10C cooler without the extra case fan.


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