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Topic: Concertino for Cell Phones and Symphony Orchestra

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    Concertino for Cell Phones and Symphony Orchestra

    From the New York Times:

    "On Sunday, in a perverse commentary on the scourge of modern concert halls, the Chicago Sinfonietta played the world premiere of the Concertino for Cellular Phones and Symphony Orchestra by David N. Baker, a professor of music at Indiana University and a prolific composer."


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    Re: Concertino for Cell Phones and Symphony Orchestra

    " The cellphone piece had a certain artistic seriousness of purpose, too.

    “What I was really thinking was, chaos versus organization,” Mr. Baker said. “But more importantly, how do you change somebody’s listening apparatus by what’s going on around them?” "

    Uh... yeah... sure... I think this was really just a way of trying to get attention for the orchestra. It worked! They shouldn't have to pretend they were trying to do something "artistically serious."
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