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Topic: M-audio 88 help

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    M-audio 88 help

    whats up everyone? I have an M-audio 88 keyboard and i'm using cakewalk home studio 4 with GPO. The problem is that when i play notes on my keyboard for example middle C, the GPO konpakt player will show that i'm playing c# so i was wondering if anyone ran into this problem before and if there's a way to fix it. If i'm not clear enough, let me know.

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    Re: M-audio 88 help

    Make sure that you dont have a transpose function on the keyboard activated. Make sure that there isnt a transpose function in the track for cakewalk activated. I dont own either of these products but that's where I would look first. Best of luck.


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    Re: M-audio 88 help

    You can try re-setting the keyboard to it's default settings and see if that helps.
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