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Topic: Hammered Dulcimer Samples?

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    Hammered Dulcimer Samples?

    Hi All

    I'm in need of hammered dulcimer samples. Anyone have a clue where I might find them?

    Ron Williams
    Westminster, CO
    Music is a manifestation of the human spirit similar to a language. If we do not want such things to remain dead treasures, we must do our upmost to make the greatest number of people understand their secrets -- Zoltan Kodaly

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    Re: Hammered Dulcimer Samples?

    There is a downloadable one here if you need it real quick - http://www.soundbrewer.com/Hammer-Du...imer-p-23.html

    Dell Precision T3500 (Xeon W3520, 12GB RAM) / Windows 7 x64 / Sonar 8 / VE Pro / WIVI 2.3 / Kontakt 4 / G-Player 1.2

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    Re: Hammered Dulcimer Samples?

    I use the Soundbrewer Dulcimer with the Ultra TKT repetition script, and it works just great!

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    Re: Hammered Dulcimer Samples?

    I bought the Cimbalom from Bolder sounds and really like it. They also have a hammered Dulcimer:

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    Re: Hammered Dulcimer Samples?

    Bolder. Definitely. I have it and like it a lot.

    Damon Sink
    G5 Dual 2 GHz, P4 3.8GHz, Logic Pro 7, Digital Performer, EWQLSO Platinum Pro XP, VSL, Kontakt2, Finale

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