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Topic: Music for sale

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    Music for sale

    Hello everyone!
    My issue right now is that I was about to put a piece up for sale through my Broadjam site. But then I got worried about the whole copyright protection thing and did not do it. I emailed ASCAP asking for guidiance but have not recieved an answer yet. It is not that it is a great piece of music, I am just wanting to experiment to see how it would work out.
    I have not made any copyright on it yet and need to know if I should or not.
    Any comments?
    Thanks to everyone for reading!!!
    Oscar Jasso

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    Re: Music for sale

    I see the problem this way --

    1. Legally protect your work with formal copyright.

    2. Try and figure out how to enforce (and discover) infringment -- that's what the big boys do well -- particularly to assure profits from distribution.

    3. ASCAP, BMI, etc. CAN help -- but keeping current with their activities and enforcement can be as time consuming as a full time job.

    A recently departed (from this plane at least) friend took the attitude that his work was ripped off as soon as it was produced so he had to maximize sales when it was fresh --- and get on with the creation of a NEXT new creative piece to sell before it was ripped off.

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    Re: Music for sale

    Is it any different than posting an mp3 on your site, or herem I wonder?

    Isn't all of our music at risk here, from one way or another? From direct stealing and using to Siberia maybe, or from a composer who depserately needs a new tune and finds a wonderful tune for him to steal?

    Or am I just too romantic? :S

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    Re: Music for sale

    Well I know I alwys count on intellectual copyright laws. I'm just a hobbiest and can't afford to join all these organizations which help formally copyright material.

    I just assume that any MP3 I put out is copyrighted to me. Now I know that doesn't keep people from stealing it and using it wherever but if I'm in the theater one day and suddenly hear my song on a motion picture track, I'll be able to do something about it

    Otherwise I just have to trust that if someone truly wants to use one of my pieces then the will contact me.

    (this post is ultimatly ironic given I haven't released any of my orgininal compositions... so what do I really know hehe)
    JP Garbarini

    "A man who is paid to do what he enjoys never works a day in his life." -- Chinese Proverb

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    Re: Music for sale

    Well copyright is automatic indeed. You do not needto register anywhere inorder to get copyright for your works.

    However registering will help with 2 things: proving that it is yours (although it must be rather easy when you have the project files, notes, drafts etc...) and actually chassing down people who may be using your intelectuall property without you getting a dime. That 2nd part is what interests me the most...

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    Re: Music for sale

    yes- the minute you publish-i.e put it up on the web you are protected. Actually the minute you compose it. But honestly the challenge is to catch the buggers who steal. Good luck with that. Try to put up your stuff so it can't be downloaded is a better way.

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    Re: Music for sale

    Yes, your piece is already copyright. I think the risk of being copied for anyone is very low. Registering with the Library of Congress (for US citizens) will make it easier to sue someone in court, but I think the registration fees just went up over the summer, which is a bit discouraging. You are still protected by copyright though, even without registration.

    www.copyright.gov <-- the copyright website... they have a nice FAQ
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Music for sale

    Thanks to everyone taking the time in responding. I appreciate it so much.
    ASCAP sent me an email sending me to the Library of congress. They were even nice enough to give me their number. My music is posted here and there on the web and it is not currently available for download. I just have a hard time coming with ideas and hate the idea of someone taking credit for it!
    Hopefully nothing happens.
    There should be a forum where we can ask these type of questions, don't you think? Maybe Gary Garritan can invite someone as a guest so we can chat with.
    We should value what we do no matter what. I enjoy doing music and I have written for several independent films from diverse parts of the country. I generally charge very little (I have a full time job) and never worried about somebody using my music. I know of someone has already done so for another low budget and it came to my attention. They are not making any profit so, I am not worried. But what if it does become someone else? I would at least like to have my name on the screen even for a 20 second cue. Right?
    I know of a shareware software that can record in AIF format anything playing through a computer. So, even if the music is not for download, "Audio Hijacker" can record it on your hard drive while it is playing. And it only costs about 20 bucks!! Something to worry about.
    Thanks to all once again. please, keep the comments coming.
    Oscar Jasso

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    Re: Music for sale

    For what is worth,

    If I ever find out that someone made success with my music, I would take their heads down financially, but anyways, even if I lost, I would feel "happy" (in a drug mode probably) that my music is worth it after all

    This does make sense until you actually start making money from your music, which I'm doing and actually plan on doing it for the rest of my life, so the above reasoning is BS a little bit...

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