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Topic: Vinyl Simulator?

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    Vinyl Simulator?

    A while back (months, perhaps), someone posted a link to a really neat free plugin that simulates the sound of an old vinyl record, with controls for RPM, dust, warp, era of the record player, etc.

    I recently reformatted my HDD, and it looks like I missed a few things when I was backing up my info, including this plugin.

    Could anyone be kind enough to link me to it?

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    Re: Vinyl Simulator?

    I love how you can unscrew the cover...
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    Re: Vinyl Simulator?

    Thank you kindly!

    I will be bookmarking it this time.

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    Re: Vinyl Simulator?

    Reminds me of a plug called "grungelizer" except this has modeling for an old victrolla and you could scale the "time" from 1900 to present. This would act as a global controll for the amount of nastiness added to your sound as well as roll off most of the bass. I swear this thing makes your track sound just like an old crank-up victrolla with the big brass horn.

    Neat stuff, thanks for sharing!
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