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Topic: Notion 1.5.7 Released Today

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    Notion 1.5.7 Released Today

    Yeah, yeah, I know.

    1.5.7 released today to fix some of the bugs that arose from 1.5.6. This is not our official October release, and we still anticipate another update this month with some new features, but until then, this latest update should rectify some of the issues that have arisen in the past week.

    Notion's Update Page

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    Re: Notion 1.5.7 Released Today

    Cool Jason! I already downloaded to my MacBook (although that didn't seem to have any problems). I'll be updating my desktop PC shortly too. That seemed to freeze with the 1.5.6 update when using the crotales.

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    Re: Notion 1.5.7 Released Today

    I still have this beaming issue with 1.5.7.
    Cleared font and system caches, re - istalled.

    Note: this is for the files I never corrected the beams in.
    The ones I corrected remain correct.

    BTW, the effected files were Demo Converted files if this helps.

    Not a big deal since I corrected all my older files. Just curious if the conversion process had something to do with it.

    Thanks for the update though.

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