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Topic: Is GVI available in the UK ... at all ?

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    Is GVI available in the UK ... at all ?

    GVI doesn't seem to be on sale anywhere in the Uk ... let alone the possiblity of purchasing an upgrade here.

    Best Service are taking orders for the whole of Europe .... but have told me they will not ship to the UK.

    How different this launch is to GS3 just 2 years. Hundreds of people were begging for GS3 ... yet GVI is anticipated by just a handful of enthusiasts on a couple of threads, on minor sub-forum, in small sub-section, of the Northern Sounds site.

    I don't think I've had an email even from Tascam about the actual launch ...

    ... and doesn't even appear to be for sale in the Uk.

    --- what the hell have Tascam done to this product?
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    Re: Is GVI available in the UK ... at all ?

    I've had an email, but then link takes me straight to the US site. What a load of pants........


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