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Topic: Hello everyone! Its been a while

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    Cool Hello everyone! Its been a while

    Hi there,

    I was just talking to Gary earlier today and realized how long it has been since I posted a hello. Hello!

    It was a busy summer that was split between a concert composition commission and conducting. Both went well.

    As I was reading through the forum I noticed a few threads dealing with selling your music and with GOS so I thought maybe I would post this...


    Its kind of a long story how this piece came to be. The end of the story is that it will be performed this spring but the commissioning organization wanted a recording before the performance. I only had a budget for 5 players and needed it to sound like a sizeable chamber group so I rev'd up GOS hired a single violin, viola and cello and doubled all the GOS with the live thing. Of course, since the piece is for clarinet and flute, I went live with those and since I had a violin I threw in a few solo lines for him too. It kind of shows what can be done with his libraries and a few select live players.

    As for selling your music, well take a look at the page and you will see one of my latest approaches. Right now Im getting some success with this. I hope this approach will spark some conversation as I wouldnt mind sharing my philosophy about all of this...

    Well good to be back around here

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    Re: Hello everyone! Its been a while

    Hi Andy,

    thank you for posting that demo and the score. What a beautiful and expressive piece of music this is!

    We are really blessed in having someone with your talent and orchestration / composition skills on this forum.

    I just downloaded the pdf score, and I'm listening to the score. Beautiful melodic lines, or woven together. The score and the recording is a real asset to us who are learning to orchestrate.

    Thank you again for posting the pdf score and the music to listen to and learn from.



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    Thumbs up Re: Hello everyone! Its been a while

    As always Maestro it is our honor and highest pleasure to hear from you and especially your music!

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    Re: Hello everyone! Its been a while

    Y'know. It's really refreshing to see a video game composer able to write music that could go on the concert stage. This minuet is really awesome!
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    Re: Hello everyone! Its been a while

    Hi Andy! Nice to see you again!

    What a great minuet and trio... wonderful work! GOS seems to blend perfectly to my ears... the whole thing sounds like a live orchestra. Beautiful writing! It was so calm and gentle. I especially enjoyed the clarinet's improvised cadenza... I tip my hat to the clarinet player, and wonderful playing by all the soloists! Mmmmm... that cello was delicious. Thanks for providing the score, it is always insightful to read along. This is a wonderful piece, bravo!
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    Re: Hello everyone! Its been a while

    Good to see you here Andy.

    Nice writing too!


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    Re: Hello everyone! Its been a while

    Hey there Andy

    I have to say, absolutely beautiful work. Agreed with the others that the live solo strings blend perfectly with the GOS to provide a live orchestral feel.

    I particularily love the clarinet as an instrument, and the writing here for it is especially top notch!

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    Re: Hello everyone! Its been a while

    Wow Andy, Gorgeous work... Wish I was creating something that cool this summer!


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    Re: Hello everyone! Its been a while

    Hi Andy WOW. That was fantastic. Thanks for sharing this with us. I wish I was as prolific as you seem to be. I would rather be too busy writing, arranging, conducting and producing music than to be too busy to work on music at all. (which seems to be the case for me these days).

    Anyway - fantastic music and a very inspiring. (as always).

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    Re: Hello everyone! Its been a while

    Great to see you here, Andy.

    Wonderful job on the Minuet -- the orchestration in
    this, especially, is just stunningly good work!



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