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Topic: First Post

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    First Post

    As suggested by the management, I am making my first post today, saying "hello" to our community in our sample libraries forum.



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    Re: First Post

    Welcome. Hopefully this will not be your last
    Sean Beeson
    Composer for videogames, film and television

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    Re: First Post

    Hello all, new here, looks like an informative place with some interesting things happening. Looks like we have Scarbee here n a few others. Just listened to the A.I.R. demos, pretty nice. Ive recently (months, seems like years) made the switch to DAW from analog. Using G5, Logic Pro 7.2, RME FF800 along w/
    Roland boards and an Ensoniq sampler or 2 thrown in. So far I love the editing capabilities. Been using Ivory and Miroslav, both worth much more than I what I paid for them. Excellent pianos in Ivory. Been checking out Scarbee, although I understand I need Kontakt2 to use it, so we'll see how that goes.


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