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Topic: Slate on Brahms

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    Slate on Brahms

    Classic Put-Downs
    Was Brahms a wiseass?
    During a rehearsal of a quartet of his, the violist asked if he liked their tempos. "Yes," said Brahms. "Especially yours."

    When a lady gushed to him, "How do you write such divine adagios?" he only shrugged, "My publisher orders 'em that way."

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    Re: Slate on Brahms

    Interesting article, thanks for the link!

    "Nottebohm, a Beethoven scholar, was also the victim of one of Brahms' most devious practical jokes. On a scrap of old music paper, Brahms jotted down a current pop tune in an expert imitation of Beethoven's handwriting, then bribed a street vendor to wrap the manuscript around a sausage and sell it to Nottebohm. Brahms was thrilled to see the old pedant unwrap the sausage, step under a streetlight to examine the paper with eyes popping, and with a furtive air slip it into his pocket, finishing the greasy sausage barehanded."

    Ooo... that's hilarious!
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