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Topic: Fsb 533 & 800?

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    Fsb 533 & 800?


    I have the old P4/ 3.03GHz (3GB RAM) with FSB 533 running both Nuendo & Gigastudio.

    I am tempted to upgrade the processor to FSB 800, but is it worth tho?

    How much different will it be?



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    Re: Fsb 533 & 800?

    not worth it! even if your motherboard supports 800 fsb.

    your better off going for at least a dual core pentium D
    preferably the newer core 2.
    of course you will have tobuy a new mobo and ram


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    Re: Fsb 533 & 800?

    I agree. The improved performance for the 800 MHz FSB is very, very slight.

    If you upgrade, skip the Pentium D. The D became obsolete the day the Core 2 Duos shipped. The new line gives much more performance for the dollar, and runs much cooler.

    My son bought a Core 2 Duo chip for $185, and the Asus P5N SLI for $120, and the new machine absolutely rocks, while running cool. As a longtime AMD fan, the Core 2 Duos have finally made me an Intel convert - until AMD leapfrogs them anyway...

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    Re: Fsb 533 & 800?

    How about the RAM?
    I have 3GB RAM right now & my mother board support up to 4GB RAM.
    Will the additional 1GB RAM makes a big different?
    FYI, I use Nuendo2 & Gigastudio on the same machine.


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    Re: Fsb 533 & 800?

    The extra RAM won't do a thing for GS. You probably don't need any more for Nuendo, but I guess it depends on your usage.

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    Re: Fsb 533 & 800?

    If you are running samples within Nuendo as well as outside of (in GS) then the extra RAM might help performance a little bit. In terms of sample loading it makes about 100MB difference.


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