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Topic: GPO Sounds

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    Smile GPO Sounds

    hi can anyone give me a list of stops for the Garittan Personal Orchestras Concert Organ.
    i play the organ and would love to see the stop list as well as hear it


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    Re: GPO Sounds

    From the manual:

    "The pipe organ is a German Baroque organ built by Rudolf von Beckerath. It has 3 manuals and pedals each containing from 7 to 11 individual stops. Stops include:

    -Baroque Plen Reed Ped
    -Baroque Plen Reeds
    -Baroque Plenum Ped
    -Baroque Plenum
    -Brustwerk All Stops
    -Full Organ
    -Haupt Mix
    -Hauptwerk All Stops
    -Scharf IV
    -Symphonic Plenum

    Hope this helps!


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