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Topic: How to use WX5 wind controller to edit modulation data?

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    How to use WX5 wind controller to edit modulation data?

    I have a Yamaha WX5 wind controller and I am wondering how I can use the controller to go back and edit the modulation data of my GPO midi tracks. I've downloaded the X-Custom settings for GPO and I can select those patches, but basically what I want to do is just use the wind controller to edit the modulation data on the track. Is this possible?

    Thanks for any help!!

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    Re: How to use WX5 wind controller to edit modulation data?

    I think I have the answer for you: I had the same problem -- see my thread "problems with volume/cc7" -- and it was effectively solved by Tom Hopkins.

    To save you following the same false trail that I did, here's the bottom line:

    It basically depends on using the X-custom version of the instruments, available from the downloads on this site. They provide the extra control you need. You'll use the horizontal slider on the Kontakt Player, the one just below its main window. It has a pull-down menu beside it, which probably says "No controller" when you load the player.

    1 Download the X-custom instruments and install in the GPO Library Instruments folder. Relaunch (so that GPO notices that it's got the new instruments).
    2 The WX5 can be set to provide c2, cc7 or cc11 but not cc1, but we will get around that. It probably doesn't matter much which you set the WX5 to, but I use cc2 (the factory setting on the WX5 and the appropriate one anyway, I think).
    3 Load the appropriate X-custom instrument into GPO in the usual way. With that instrument selected, set the slider to cc2 in the pull-down menu just beside it (AHA!) and to either 100% or -100% on the slider itself. (Some instruments require one, some the other. Try the instrument out and see. The ones I've tried out so far require -100%.)
    4 Set the volume control on GPO so that you get a good range blowing hard and soft.
    5 It is possible that you might need to fiddle with the screwdriver adjustments ("wind gain" and "wind zero") on the WX5 itself. I had wind zero set wrongly for a while, and the instrument behaved in some very mysterious ways!
    6 Have fun -- the WX5 with GPO is beautiful.

    If any of that isn't clear, ask me about it again.

    BTW, this method works better than sending plain mod wheel messages. If you don't use custom instruments, the mod wheel control takes your instrument down to ppp, then cuts out suddenly and most unnaturally. With the X-custom method you can die away to a whisper, like you'd want.
    Canberra, Australia

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    Re: How to use WX5 wind controller to edit modulation data?

    Thank you so much, Martin!

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