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Topic: Hey to everyone

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    Hey to everyone

    Hey there,
    Its my first time up here at norhtern sound. Just saying hello to other members, I was refered here by a friend whos a commercial music producer.
    Im going to have a go at the online orchestration course.
    I did a bit of study at Victoria university music department NZ wellington in the 90s , but sort of deviated of into electronic music and technology, worked as an engineer /producer for about 10 years.

    Looking forward to seeing how this forum turns out, and meeting musicians and composers from different parts of the world.

    Peace to you all.

    may the wars in the world stop,
    War does not make peace.

    Love life

    Peter J

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    Re: Hey to everyone

    Hi Peter,

    Peace to you also and welcome to the forum! Glad you can join us and we have your friend to thank for that.

    The online orchestration course may be a nice compliment to your expertise in electronic music and technology. And we all could benefit from your knowledge in engineering as mixing and balance is so important in orchestration.

    I am looking forward to your being apart of this course. Feel free to ask any questions or share your insights.

    All my best,

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Hey to everyone

    Hi Peter,

    Great to have you with us. Welcome!!


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