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Topic: RMX Backbeat vs EZDrummer

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    RMX Backbeat vs EZDrummer


    I have the Backbeat EXP for RMX. I love it. I also want something that's more a natural, acoustic drum kit for singer/songwriter type demos. Would having EZDrummer be redundant?

    Anything else I should consider? Something easy that doesn't take up much of my tweaking time. I have reserved all my tweaking time for RMX



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    Re: RMX Backbeat vs EZDrummer

    I would give EZdrummer a try. I have both and find myself going back and forth, especially if you are doing more pop or rock style stuff. You really can't lose owning both (IMHO)



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    Re: RMX Backbeat vs EZDrummer

    I have both of those and they are both great. The only thing I just dont find enough grooves for some of the music I do which is basically country. I just ordered drum core after listening to their demos. I ordered the Larry pack which features the drummer from Brooks and Dunn. I would check it out if you need more grooves. As far as sound goes you have great quality with what you have. BFd also sounded good but didnt have the kind of grooves I wanted


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    Re: RMX Backbeat vs EZDrummer

    I have ezdrummer, Stylus RMX with every Expander and almost every Ilio program; DFH2, & BFD with many of their add on kits.

    Stylus I like because I can get a vibe going quickly and when I play guitar this is great with BackBeat but ez drummer has the most beautiful acoustic sounding drums but I don't find it very well organised; just my opinion.

    BFD needs the most amount of work to get it to sit right in a mix but it can also be used quickly but does not sound as good acoutically as ezdrummer imho. But it is still a useful and decent tool.

    Overall, I easily use Stylus most of all because its breadth of vibes with all the expanders is second to none and for film scoring and soundscape work it is a crucial tool. It's multi's are phenomenal and a never ending source of inspiration which can be chopped around using the chaos menu producing many different weird and wonderful sounds.

    I hope this helps.

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    Re: RMX Backbeat vs EZDrummer

    A less expensive alternative is dk+ by nusofting.

    They have a bundle deal where you can get dk+ drums, modelonia and another synth for less than $80

    DK+ is pretty darn good and can be used in conjunction with Stylus RMX

    Another one to look at is Jamstix. It's amazing really and feels like a real live drummer - have that play with a stylus groove and you get stylus' amazing sound and feel, and also the playability of a real drummer. Pretty cool stuff.

    There's also Guru - which is supposed to kick butt!


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