Hello everybody,
I\'ve just bought the incredible GOS. But I have a little problem.
I\'m working on a Dual PIII-1Ghz with 1Gb RAM and RAID-0 and SCSI 29160 HD. Everything under winXP Pro. I\'m using VST32 with Halion 1.1, but I\'m not able to get good performance playing GOS sounds, so I\'m gonna buy another system with Giga inside connected with ADAT to my workstation.
Could anyone help me with the best configuration (hardware&software), for full 160 polyphony in GOS? What motherboard, RAM, proccessor and soundcard (I think hammerfall 9636 is a good one) should I buy for no problems?
And one more thing, I\'m using a midisport 4x4 for control my external devices, but I don´t have free midi outputs to connect it to the other computer with GOS. What could be the best option for connecting both computers with midi?
Thank you very much.