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Topic: How to delete dynamics?

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    How to delete dynamics?


    I have run into the following problem:

    Step 1: I enter three notes, e. g. one half and two quarters.
    Step 2: I enter a mf under the first note, then a crescendo hairpin after it.
    Step 3: I decide to alter the first note. So I have to delete it. The mf will slip under the second note.

    Step 4: I enter a new half note.

    Situation: I have a half note, then two quarters. The mf is placed under the second note (first quarter), followed by the hairpin.

    Now I would like to get the mf under the quarter again. But I do not find any way to delete it:

    - Working with the eraser will delete one more note, not the mf.
    - I can mark the mf with the cursor tool but no edit command (cut, delete) will have an effect on it)

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    Re: How to delete dynamics?

    It seems as if I found the solution in another thread of this forum: Choose the same dynamic as the one that is supposed to be deleted, place it over the obsolete one and hit del.

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    Re: How to delete dynamics?

    I find it quicker to :

    * highlight the area concerned
    * right click>clear special
    * clear dynamics

    A variety of parameters can be edited in one fell swoop in this manner, which I why I tend to use it.

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