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Topic: 'Darkmatters Retribution' action cue.

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    Darkmatter's Retribution' action cue

    names Dean,I'm a self-taught musician and I've composed for
    TV/Film/media since 2000.

    Here's an action cue from a recent project:


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    Re: 'Darkmatters Retribution' action cue.

    Hey, nice orchestration. Very tense action cue! What other projects have you worked on?

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    Re: 'Darkmatters Retribution' action cue.

    so expressive and elastic sounding ... great work!
    The Dimensity Project at

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    Re: 'Darkmatters Retribution' action cue.

    Welcome Dean!

    Although self taught, you do sound amazingly great and it is obvious that you have put a lot of care to your track (and the others that I have heard actually).

    Sounds brilliant!

    Hopefully, with the right moves, you will get into the writing music for games business soon...

    How's the website doing?

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    Re: 'Darkmatters Retribution' action cue.

    Hi Nikolas,
    Thanks again.Check out Nikolas's CGempire site guys.


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    Re: 'Darkmatters Retribution' action cue.

    'elastic sounding',great description!
    I'll post another track when I get a chance.

    Thanks xaerial.

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    Re: 'Darkmatters Retribution' action cue.

    hi EvanArnett,
    Cheers for the compliment,
    If you check out www.deanvalentine.com theres plenty of info there re projects & audio samples.
    At the moment I'm moving towards music for games,I'm involved with 1 or 2 possible projects,aswell as the TV & FIlm work.

    Thanks again,talk to you soon,

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    Re: 'Darkmatters Retribution' action cue.

    **EDIT** wrong topic sorry, btw I listen to all of your songs Dean it's very impressive !!

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