Have now spent about a week trying to get the reverb right on some orchestral tracks... From browsing these forums, I can see Altiverb is probably the best program, but until i can afford that (or my dream reverb solution, the pcm 91!) I'm trying to do the best i can with Waves IR1 - does anyone have any tips on settings for this that work well with orchestral music? The orchestral sample library i'm using has reverb trails, so am i right to understand that I should NOT have the "direct" button lit on IR1? While this has worked well in the past on completely dry sounds (ac guitar, vocals etc) it seems to overly muddy a sound which already has a certain ammount of reverb?

So if i want to simply add a bit of reverb to create a bigger, and more "convincing" sound, would keeping the direct button unlit, and the wet/dry slider at 50% be a good starting point, then audition different concert hall presets from there? I'm at a point now where my ears are all reverbed out, and IR1 sudenly seems to have far more variables than I previously thought!

If anyone has a tried and tested way of using IR1 on orchestral music, it would be very much appreciated if you could pass on any tips!