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Topic: a good "MIDI fundamentals" textbook?

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    a good "MIDI fundamentals" textbook?

    h'lo all,

    I'm taking the liberty of posting this here as, while it's not Giga specific, it's something we all deal with.
    I'm going to start tutoring a university student and - having been out of the academic scene for some *years* now(!) - am wondering what's the best textbook out there for MIDI fundamentals...explanations of the midi standard, midi files, midi messages, controllers, etc.
    Maybe even a little about hex?
    All comments appreciated,

    b myers, composer
    Mac G5 DP 2.3, Os 10.4.11, 4 Gig RAM running DigiPerf 5.13, PTools LE 7.4, Sibelius 5, Finale 2008,
    P4 1.7 Gig, XP SP2, 2 Gig RAM,running GigaStudio 3.2,
    3 x 20" LCDs, 2 x MOTU MTP AVs, Digi 002r
    Kurz K2000r, Roland XV-3080, Emu Pro II, Kurz PC2r, Alesis DM-Pro, Kurz Midiboard

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    Re: a good "MIDI fundamentals" textbook?

    MIDI Power!, Second Edition


    Scroll down to the first Customer Review to see a Table of Contents

    More info from the publisher's website:

    It appears you can request a "Desk Copy"

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