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Topic: Final Silly RMX Question... Really no kidding!!

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    Talking Final Silly RMX Question... Really no kidding!!

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for your help on the mixes info on the ilio site! thats just what I was looking for!!!.

    I'm a little curious though. Most everything in RMX including all of the standard library and every other expander library have various mixes in the elements previewable from the Browser window in the first couple of entries of the Elements section.

    Is this something that Ethno Techno just doesn't have, or can't have, or am I missing the point here?

    Don't get me wrong, I love mixing em up in the in the mixer window part by part, But I've also always loves being able to cruise through my Browser window's first couple of items in the Elements and be able to get a picture of what that particular suite had to offer.

    Thanks for your feedback!!

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    Re: Final Silly RMX Question... Really no kidding!!

    The reason that library was done that way originally is that the Mixes were just too dense and thick to Groove Control with acceptable sonic results. A lot of attempts were made and the results were far inferior.

    So the decision was made back then to recreate the Mix loops using multis in the various samplers.

    If we were doing that library again today, the approach would be a little different....to maintain the mixes in the suites as their own elements.

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    Re: Final Silly RMX Question... Really no kidding!!

    I guess you will just have to do another great percussion library :-)
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