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Topic: Dimension Pro - GPO/GPOA Expansion Library?

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    Question Dimension Pro - GPO/GPOA Expansion Library?

    When Cakewalk Dimension Pro came out, there was talk of an Expansion Library either on top of the included Pocket Orchestra or a separate (more complete package)...possibly GPOA, BUT! that was about a year ago and no news since!

    The Pocket Orchestra included in the factory presets and really great, but us loyal Dimension Pro users would LOVE to see a more complete library that you guys are using in GPO (Kontakt format).

    Any update on this is truly appreciated!

    Many Thanks...

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    Re: Dimension Pro - GPO/GPOA Expansion Library?

    This is true. I'd love to see all of the Garritan libraries available through the Dim Pro engine. I've never really liked the Kontakt engine; and NI is SO REDICULOUSLY slow with updates and patches. [Thanks to NI, GPO is still stuck without advertised VSTi automation parameters - for crying out loud!!!! Even many FREEWARE synths have advertised parameters.]

    Is there still any chance that Dim Pro might rise as a 2nd or alternative engine option? [fingers crossed]

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