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Topic: New Compouter for Giga

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    New Computer for Giga

    I keep going around and around on getting a new PC for GS 3. Here are my current options. Any thoughts/opinions are appreciated:

    Option 1 ($1500)
    Pentium 4 3.4GHz
    Asus MB (not sure of model)
    2 GB RAM (2 x 1GB)
    80 GB system
    2 x 250GB RAIDED HDs
    Windows XP

    Option 2 ($1850)
    Pentium Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz
    ASUS P5B (or P5LD2)
    2 GB RAM (2 x 1GB) (533MHz DDR2)
    80 GB system
    2 x 250GB RAIDED HDs
    Windows XP

    Would the 2.4 Core2Duo be faster and/or allow for more voices in GS3? Is it worth the extra $350? How much more expensive is the new DDR2 RAM?

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    Re: New Computer for Giga

    My son recently built a Core 2 Duo machine, and it absolutely rocks. He went with an E6300 ($185) on an Asus P5N SLI mobo ($120). Note that the P5N SLI lacks 1394, so he added a $20 PCI card.

    Here's an article on the mobo:

    Accoding to this page the E6300 has higher performance than the Pentium D 3.4 GHz (Let alone the P4) in all(?) categories. It also consumes much less power.


    Unfortunately, my son doesn't have a GSIF card, so we didn't try GS3 on the system before he left for school, so there's some potential risk there. Of course, there's always GVI.

    Anyway, the Core 2 Duo doesn't have to $350 cost more than a P4.

    Regarding memory, all new systems use DDR2, so that's where the focus is. My son bought 1G of OCZ Gold for $70 or so last month.

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    Re: New Computer for Giga

    Thanks Jon,

    The way I understand it, the $350 difference isn't just for the processor but also because the mobo and RAM are upgraded as well.


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    be sure to check Digital Audio NetworX www.da-x.de for a good price on powerful GiGA Systems and DAW´s . . . !

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