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Topic: New verb

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    New verb

    As a new member and as one of the rare users of Garritan in another forum and usersgroup sometimes I do a quick and dirty orchestration for other peoples scores. As today I did it for a friend of mine with Cubasis. A bit limited but still satisfying for him. Enough to get him "warm" to purchase GPO.

    The last couple of weeks we were speaking about setting things for Garritan in a rather jargon. So a new verb was invented.

    "Shall we Garritanise" this or ......

    So: to Garritanise, Garritanised, Garritanised, Garritanising.

    I think we should adopt this verb in our personal dictionary.


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    Re: New verb

    Garritanisation (USA sp Garritanization)

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