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Topic: laptop issues. Please Help!

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    laptop issues. Please Help!

    Recently I purchased and customized a laptop for audio use. However, I am running into more than a few obsticles. I first purchased a TC Electronics 24D Firewire audio device, only to find its' drivers to be buggy, and that niether the TC box, nor my external firewire HD wanted to sit at the end of the firewire chain.

    So, I returned the 24D and baught an EMU 1616. Only, now I discover that my laptop, and most recent models, no longer contain PCMCIA slots. So the EMU card is a bust.

    Does anyone have any experience using a quality firewire audio device and an external HD?

    Is an USB 2.0 external HD fast enough for audio work?

    I am using Cubase SX 4 as a host under Windows XP home on a core 2 duo 2.16 GHZ processor with 2 gig RAM.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Re: laptop issues. Please Help!

    I wish I could help you more but I wanted to put any fear to rest about USB 2.0. Our entire studio runs on 5 - USB 2.0 external HD's.


    USB 2.0 ROCKS!
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: laptop issues. Please Help!

    Thank you. That is really good news. Now maybe I can get a mackie atelite, and not have conflicts betwenn drive and audio interface.

    Anyone know if there are inhearent problems with the onboard firewire controllers on Dell laptops?

    Thank you.

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    Re: laptop issues. Please Help!

    Hi Trace,

    Now and again I would hook up my Digi002 (Firewire) to me Dell Laptop. No issues on that setup. Could be a good sign.

    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Thumbs up Re: laptop issues. Please Help!

    Thanks for the info Francis, have you tried booting from one of these drive. I'm interested to know if this is possible and which system would be better for this USB2.0 or firewire.

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    Re: laptop issues. Please Help!

    Do you mean booting the PC from an external drive? Never had the need. I would assume that the basic C drive is best for that.
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: laptop issues. Please Help!

    I think the C drive is the only option for Windows. Quite a few mid to high-end laptop manufacturers will offer the option of a 7200 rpm drive as your C drive. This is a good idea if you are planning on using the machine for audio.

    Thanks Bella for the info on the 002. Did you record direct to the Dell's internal drive, or did you use an external USB drive?

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    Re: laptop issues. Please Help!

    Also, does anyone know if the Digi interfaces: Mbox 2, 002, are ASIO compient. In other words, can I use them with Cubase?

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    Re: laptop issues. Please Help!

    Some laptop chipsets have a problem with running external audio boxes using the built-in firewire port. This manifests itself as static or pops/clicks on the output. If that's the case, the workaround is not to use the the laptop's built-in firewire port, but get a PC-Card (PCMCIA Cardbus) or ExpressCard firewire card.

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    Re: laptop issues. Please Help!

    Is there such a thing as an express card firewire card?

    I've been searching for one, but have found nothing.

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