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Topic: GPO with Mac-Intel

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    Question GPO with Mac-Intel

    I've got a MacBook Pro and I can't make run GPO with GarageBand 3.It was working very well on my PB G4 with GarageBand 2,but I think it's because GPO does not run natively on Mac with Intel processors so I just want to know if there will be one day an update who runs natively,or if there is a way to make it work on the new macs.
    excuse me if my English is bad,it's because i'm french
    Thx for everything

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    Re: GPO with Mac-Intel

    Native Instruments is supposed to release a Universal Binary version of Kontakt as soon as this month, at which point GPO should run much better than it ever did on your PowerBook.

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    Re: GPO with Mac-Intel

    At last,thank you for your answer,and somebody knows if that will be a free udpdate?
    -The Truth Is Out There-

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    Re: GPO with Mac-Intel

    The Kontakt UB update is a paid update. Just for clarification, this isn't the Kontakt Player that comes with GPO, but the full version Kontakt 2. In order for the GPO Kontakt Player to be updated to use the Kontakt 2 Player, which should be universal sometime this month. I dont' know any details on a K2 player switch.

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