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Topic: using divisi in garritan

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    using divisi in garritan

    I'm writing orchestra in MIDI in cubase and thinking about buying a new orchestra VST, of-course GPO look like a promising option but there is one question I didn't find an answer to:
    When using divisi (div) on for example the 1st violin, I can do it in many ways one of them is just write a single-lined midi for the 1st violin and when the divisi part comes, just add the second line to the SAME midi track.
    This way is easy to work with but needs support from the VST,
    I read on synful orchestra that they support what they call natural divisi :

    "Natural Divisi. Synful Orchestra sections simulate realistic and natural divisi. For example, if you create a ten violin section Program and play a monophonic line then all ten players will play that line. If you play a ten note chord then each player will play one note in the chord. The Synful Orchestra section automatically adapts to the changing polyphony of the part. If you play 3 note chords or polyphony then the ten players distribute themselves automatically 4-3-3 across the notes."

    does GPO support what they call Natural divisi? and if not, in what way should I write divisi?
    the other option I thought about was writing 2 MIDI lines for 1st violin1 and 1st violin2 and they play the same most of the time, until they are divided, but this way the MIDI always sends 2 midi signals (notes) to the VST.

    Hope you can help me with this issue,

    best regards,
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    Re: using divisi in garritan

    GPO does not naturally split its parts when it encounters harmony, however this is where the power of its ensemble building tool comes in. You'll notice that you have, under solo strings, the "Player" versions of the guarnieri, gagliano, and strad violins. This gives you up to nine (twelve if you use the full solo violins) violins per part to play with, per harmonized part. Using them carefully, with proper variation in tuning and start time, you can drastically reduce the chances of phasing. You do have to record an individual track (with individual mod wheel data) for each one, but this produces a far better section result, and allows you to make a natural sounding divisi with ease.

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