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Topic: 'Galapagos' by JJ Vernon

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    'Galapagos' by JJ Vernon

    Here is JJ Vernon's submission for the 'Galapagos' documentary for the recent BBC Film scoring 'New Talent' competition.


    Here is the video of the 3 minute nature clip: http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?...96247382764494 and you can see how Julian's music fit the score quite nicely.

    This piece was composed with GPO for all the orchestral parts & Apple’s World Jam Pack for the other sounds.

    A fantastic job and it was just right for the film clip. The contrasts of the instruments and the spry woodwinds together with the upbeat percussion was a real treat. This was just an amazing clip.

    Thank you JJ for sharing this with us.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: 'Galapagos' by JJ Vernon

    Wow... that was impressive. Really enjoyed the variety of instruments and and many changes in the mood of the piece. You definitely have a great talent and much potential...

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    Re: 'Galapagos' by JJ Vernon

    An engaging mix of styles that blend beautifully
    in this... the contrasts are effective and well
    managed. And beautifully rendered, as well.

    Fine job on this, JJ... looking forward to hearing
    much more from you!

    My best,


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    Re: 'Galapagos' by JJ Vernon

    Impressive indeed!

    The arrangement fit perfectly with the visual. Seamless transitions between moods.. with a wonderful final!

    Terrific work!


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    Re: 'Galapagos' by JJ Vernon

    Great music. Enjoyed the clip and music.


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