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Topic: damping the bass drum?

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    damping the bass drum?

    Don't know what I'm missing here. I'm trying to damp bass drum notes. There is a way to do it in MIDI without recording audio and sculpting the sample, right? My sustain pedal data has no effect on the sound. I tried inputting sustain pedal data with pencil tool (Cubase); I also tried recording it from my synthesizer; I tried playing it live, all to no avail. I tried all possible combinations of both the B and C note pitches, the C and D keyswitches, sustain pedal on/off before, during, & after the note, etc. I tried shortening the MIDI note duration. Egad, too much time on this one thing!

    Can somebody lay it out for me, simply, exactly how achieve a damped bass drum note? Is there a bass drum fix to the program that I missed out on? I can't imagine GPO sounding this good and not having this detail working.

    Many thanks,


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    Re: damping the bass drum?


    Check to make sure you have the sustain pedal set to pedal mode 2 in the Options menu of the player. The bass drum is damped upon note release with pedal down when the mode is set correctly.


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    Re: damping the bass drum?

    Blazingly simple. Thank you, Tom!


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