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Topic: My new cue

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    My new cue

    Hi guys,

    I finished this cue today. It's raw cue wihout any EQ,mixing or compression. What do you think about it? It's ok,or not? Or there is some EQ or compression needed? I would like to hear your opinion.


    Thanks a lot for comments.

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    Re: My new cue

    pretty neat i'd say, do you have any other cues?

    (konecne nejaky slovak skladajuci orchestralnu hudbu, uz som si zacinal mysliet ze som sam, ze tu mame len samych tuc tuc DJ-ov )

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    Re: My new cue

    Generally I am against compression and EQ in orchestral music, so my vote is no, don't use any, you don't need it.

    Plus most of the track is on the loud side of things, so it does go out as dynamic and as needed.

    One thing I would (maybe) recomend, is to find a way to vary a little the percussion, especially in the begining. They sound too much alike. And as far as I can tell they don't change at all in the process of the track, which makes them kinda lost towards the end.

    Other than that the cue is very well made, and very succesful to what it wants to say

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    Re: My new cue

    Very nice.

    I am with nikolas and his being against compression. However, film music does get compressed, in one form or another, at some stage. But I don't think this track needs any.

    Which lib(s) did you use?

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    Re: My new cue

    Thanks for comments..I use KHSO Emerald. It's good library I guess..

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    Re: My new cue

    Hey Vlado, did you ever get my response to your email?

    I'll check out your piece now.

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