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Topic: Experiences with Giga Teleport

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    Experiences with Giga Teleport

    I just heard about Giga Teleport yesterday (thanx for folks here that answered a post regarding how to hook up a GS machine). Looks like a really nice solution -- I love the idea of staying away from extra interface cards, if possible.

    Reading the forums over on their site, it looks like the reviews are mixed -- that is people that are able to get it to work and people that aren't. I thought I would ask for experiences here. Does anyone know the characteristics of those environments that tend to be a problem?

    thanx, Vince

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    Re: Experiences with Giga Teleport

    Do remember that most people who use it with no problems don't post; they have no reason even to visit the forum! Just read the instructions carefully and try out the demo to see for yourself.


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